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Maintenance / Repair

synthetic football field turfIs Your Artificial Grass Damaged, Ripped, or Worn-Out?

Artificial Grass Turf Maintenance & Repair by Fieldmasters

Artifical grass turf is a reliable, low-maintenance addition to any commercial or residential landscape.  Like any aesthetic asset, even synthetic grass turf may need occasional repair. Years of use can lead to stretching and contracting that can cause rips, damages, or general wear and tear.

What’s Included in Fieldmasters Artificial Grass Maintenance & Repair?

At Fieldmasters, we offer high-quality, warranty-backed repairs on residential and commercial turf, from backyards and playgrounds to office spaces and indoor soccer fields. Using a variety of Fieldmasters grasses, we’ll target your exact repair issue, and identify areas that may have future issues to help you avoid a complete replacement. 

Scheduling artificial grass maintenance & repair with Fieldmasters includes:

Artificial grass makes a great addition to any space, both indoor and outdoor; a regular turf maintenance plan will ensure your artificial grass stays looking like new, for longer, and avoid bigger issues that might require complete artificial grass turf replacement. 


beautiful botanical garden with artificial turf wallWhen Does Artificial Grass Require Maintenance & Repairs?

Whether you’ve installed indoor turf to spruce up your office space, or you’ve completely turfed your lawn, eventually you’ll need to perform turf maintenance and repairs on your grass to manage torn seams, and rundown turf.


Your residential artificial turf landscaping will experience a lot of elements during the changing seasons in Toronto. High winds and stormy weather can trek all sorts of debris and pollution into your hard that can get stuck in, or damage your artificial grass. If you entertain guests in your backyard throughout the summer, you may also eventually notice wear and tear in higher-trafficked parts of the yard.

Sports Fields, Putting Greens & Playgrounds

Outdoor play areas sustain a lot of high-impact foot traffic. Running, jumping and kicking add extra stress to turf that can compromise its non-slip properties, and affect the safety of children and athletes playing on it. Additionally, if you’ve installed a logo inlay into your synthetic sports turf, regular play can affect the quality of the image and require a replacement.


Commercial spaces

You only have a few quick seconds to make a first impression with a potential new client or customer, and your office or store’s appearance and decor have a lot to do with it. If you’ve landscaped with artificial grass, or installed indoor commercial landscaping to augment your business’s design, you’ll want to ensure dirt and stains are regularly remedied so your synthetic grass always looks great, and you always make the best impression. Therefore,  artificial grass maintenance is required for commercial spaces.

Pet Turf

While Fieldmasters Pet Turf is equipped with DURAFlo technology to drain pet urine, smells can sometimes accumulate - and solid waste doesn’t remove itself. Your pet may also chew or claw at seams, leaving frayed edges that affect the natural look of your lawn.



High-Quality Synthetic Grass Services Since 1991

Don’t let stains, debris, and bent grass blades make your lawn look patchy, cause slips on the playground or soccer field, or ruin the aesthetic of your business. Fieldmasters has installed and repaired synthetic grass in both indoor and outdoor spaces since 1991. 

We know that shaggy turf can affect the safety and appearance of your property. When you book a service call with Fieldmasters for routine maintenance or repairs, we take great care to restore and reinforce your synthetic grass, so it looks like new, without starting from scratch. Trust the experts at Fieldmasters to restore and renew all your artificial turf!



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