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When we think of our home, it is our castle, to be maintained and enjoyed as the jewel in our family crown. One thing for sure is one of the jewels in the crown is our landscape design and for many maintaining the landscaping is becoming a chore to avoid where possible. That is why we at Fieldmasters have become a going concern for homeowners and commercial interests alike. We specialize in artificial grass in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

The artificial turf in Toronto that has been installed is by far a superior product to natural grass and in many cases, it looks and feels like natural grass. The synthetic grass we install for your landscaping needs around the home or commercial facility is durable and reliable – it hold its colour in blazing heat and is green in winter too – you no longer have to look at brown grass that is extremely unattractive for a beautiful home or business or sports facility.

The sports turf is always green and when you play on the turf it reacts like natural grass and doesn’t need to be replaced after use. As technology has developed, it has created an opportunity for many different sectors to install our product and it pays dividends. No longer will you have maintenance costs for upkeep of the landscape, no more watering costs – saving water is important – and no costly fertilizers or chemical applications are needed when you install our perfect artificial turf.


When you contact us at Fieldmasters to discuss your landscape options, we take a whole view of the area and provide choices to help you accentuate your property. When we finish the work, your yard or facility will look better than a natural grass landscape, and it comes with a reduced cost over time. Many sports facilities have turned to artificial turf as means to reduce the costs for municipalities and the playgrounds and sports fields we have installed in the GTA have seen increased use as they turf is always ready to accept a game or children at play.

Ben Gaum is the newest member to the Fieldmasters team. He was brought on board to head up the new full service design division and expand the client and project base of the company. As a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), Ben brings a professional and holistic approach to every project from design through to construction. With extensive experience as project architect/manager for various residential, commercial, and industrial projects, Ben understands the importance of a creative and functional design while working within a budget.

"Having worked extensively with homeowners, developers, and builders over the last 10 years, the issue of maintaining the landscaped areas of a project have increasingly become more and more of an issue for clients. The growing desire for a maintenance-free design along with the continued advancements in turf technologies make this a very exciting time to join Fieldmasters." As a company with over 25-years experience installing the best artificial turf anywhere, we at Fieldmasters have the expertise and experience to make your landscaping project a thing of beauty. From the start of the project, we employ landscape architects, skilled labour in the creation of the turf and the installers are all certified to demonstrate their skills in landscaping. We serve all sectors of the economy, from golf courses, playgrounds, sports fields, parks, commercial facilities and homes all across the Greater Toronto Area. For your consultation to determine the artificial turf cost and remake your property to a maintenance-free, green, home that will be the envy of your neighbourhood, call us today.

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